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Apartment Living with a Dog

Patch is local Kenyan dog in beautiful Dalmatian disguise. After being rescued with his siblings, he eventually got adopted and was renamed as “Pacino”. But it certainly wasn’t a spontaneous decision for Barbara and Mandhi. 

Barbara came to look at puppies but we couldn’t tell her how big they would grow. Being in an apartment with a shared garden, she and her husband were clear they wanted a small- medium dog to ensure it would fit well.

They also considered how to create a kennel outside so Pacino can be left behind securely without tearing the flat apart…. as puppies do when left alone. Pacino is just in the “teething stage” so toys were acquired to reduce the risk of damaged cushions and furniture.

Our adopters deserve a star as they didn’t only look at “a cute puppy”: they seriously considered the downsides of a puppy, especially in an apartment. 

A puppy can give lots of joy, but many people who have had older (well-behaved and calm) dogs forget the challenges puppies bring. Pacino‘s adopters thought very carefully before adopting him:

  1. How much time would they have available?
  2. How much time will the puppy be alone in a day, especially when just coming into a new home and missing her friends?
  3. Will they have time to do positive training? This training needs to be done every day for at least 1 year so the pup will be an obedient dog who won’t jump on everybody.
  4. Will their shoes survive a puppy’s antics? The fact is that puppies until at least 1 year old will happily destroy shoes, furniture, cushions and kids’ favourite toys whilst teething.
  5. A puppy is like a toddler who needs the same amount of attention, love, and guidance as a human version. Do they want a “small child” in their lives?
  6. Who will happily look after puppy when they are away?
  7. Puppies need far more vaccinations then an adult. This is costly. Will they be able to afford it?


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