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Reaching Out: Malaika’s Recovery Process

Our TNR Volunteer Tanirika spends every Saturday morning socializing our fosters. With frightened or abused animals “sitting down and just keeping them company” is tremendously healing.

Malaika’s story started with a lot of pain and distress. A member of the public brought her into KSPCA after she had been wandering around with a massive leg injury for 4 months. Upon arrival, she was checked by Dr Olum (Jacaranda Vets) who unfortunately had to amputate her front leg as it was rigid with scar tissue.

Malaika just before she was picked up: front leg full of scar tissue and tail between her legs
Malaika just before she was picked up: front leg full of scar tissue and tail between her legs

Because of this ordeal, Malaika had to be rehabilitated as she had physical but also emotional trauma. She had to learn how to walk and play again and had become afraid of humans. This is how our volunteers went about rehabilitating and socializing her (thanks to Amy Rapp‘s advice)

  1. Firstly, we left her in her kennel just throwing treats in without looking at her or touching her. She loves food so she quickly showed interest in the treats.
  2. Within four days she already waited at the door for treats.
  3. After 10 days she cautiously ate from the hand.
  4. She was moved to a large kennel during the day and became more curious about the movement around the kennels. She had a long rope as we still could not touch her.
  5. After about 4 months, we had a great triumph as we managed to get a collar and short leash on Malaika. Then a TNR volunteer walked her on extendable leash in the garden. She came every time she was offered tasty treats
  6. This week, Malaika started moving more freely without the rope. She started playing with volunteers doing mock “attacks” and a bit of gentle mouthing and “grooming “


Volunteers like Tanirika have been indispensable in the Malaika’s progress. The picture below shows you one of the many moments. Tanirika quietly sits with Malaika while Kiki “consults” Tanirika on calming signals. Kiki was adopted by the foster family from KSPCA and used to be extremely nervous of people. 

IMG-20180423-WA0002 adj

Want to volunteer and make a difference to a dog’s life? Go to Become a Volunteer and find out! TNR Trust welcomes volunteers to help in various areas.

Right now, Malaika is starting to enjoy other dogs’ company as well, all thanks to all the hard work of our volunteers!

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