Adoption, Education, Out on Call, Rabies

The burden of having an unspayed and unvaccinated female dog

Zoey, Cole, April, Jimmy and Patch came to TNR together. Their mother Blackie was owned by a low-income family and had not been spayed. The owner called TNR Trust and together we looked for a long-term solution.

We educated the owner on the importance of having the dogs vaccinated for rabies and all of them got their jabs. Rabies vaccinations are only about Ksh 100, preventing transmission of the rabies virus to humans and cattle. Once you are rabies-infected, the disease is always fatal if not treated immediately, or once symptoms appear!

Blackie was also sterilized after her last pregnancy and now she is a much healthier and happier dog.  Sterilisation is a humane way to address the issue of over-population. It reduces the population drastically and permanently. It creates healthy, stronger animals, especially the females. In combination with education on animal welfare and rabies, as well as giving rabies vaccinations to animals, everyone is safe. Unlike random poisoning, sterilisation is a long-term, permanent solution

All 4 puppies found their new homes and Blackie was returned to the owner as per our “Trap, Neuter and Release” policy.

TNR Trustee Carla handing over Blackie's vaccination certificate to Lucy
TNR Trustee Carla handing over Blackie’s vaccination certificate to Lucy

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