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Community Health Outreach: what your donations made possible

On the 17th of March 2018, TNR Trust posted an appeal to the public to help Robert and his animals. (for the full story, click HERE). We needed donations for 3 cat spays, 1 puppy spay (when old enough), follow-ups and vet visits for 2 dogs and rabies vaccinations. Because, as our motto says, Community Welfare can be established through Animal Health.

With the donations that came in, we were able to make the following happen:

  • 2 cats were successfully spayed and returned home
  • Vet visit for full check-up and rabies vaccination for Tuktuk (dog)
  • Vet visit for spay, full check-up and rabies vaccination for Risky (dog)

1 of the female cats turned out to be pregnant again, so once she gives birth and the kittens are weaned, she will go to the vet for spaying as well.

The dogs Tuktuk and Risky were very well behaved, although they were a bit scared and didn’t really enjoy the car ride! Risky loves Robert’s daughter and follows her everywhere, so it was great that this lovely little lady was able to come to the vet with us.

Both owners and dogs were happy to be reunited after the vet “ordeal”. And we are 1 step closer to creating a healthy pet population. See below for pictures taken by 1 of the TNR Volunteers who helped facilitate this project.

Therefore, to everyone who had donated, we would like to say: 

Thank you



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