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Lucky: the muse of artists

Remember Lucky the lucky dog? (Click HERE for Lucky’s background story) This little guy was found abandoned in Karura Forest last year and found his furever home with a happy new owner.

TNR Volunteers went to pay these cool dudes a house visit to make sure Lucky was settling in all right. Nelson was full of praise of Lucky and Lucky? Well, just check out the happy-looking dog on the picture! 

20180202-Lucky adj.jpg

Some of our volunteers do house visits after an animal gets adopted through TNR Trust. We perform this extra service a few weeks after the adoption to make sure that the animal and his/her new family are compatible and that the animal has settled in well.

In the meantime, Lucky even got his portrait taken by the talented artist Leo Mativo. If you would like to get a portrait of your pet(s) and support TNR Trust at the same time, please send us an email on !


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