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This expat family had to consider many things before adopting Timmy

Timmy (yes, a girl!) and her 4 puppies were found a construction site. A good Samaritan kept on bringing food for the mum as she was taking care of her pups, enabling Timmy to survive. As the pups got more and more mobile and started running around, the person feeding Timmy contacted TNR Trust and we decided to take them away from there for their own safety.

Mum taking a well-deserved break
Mum Timmy taking a well-deserved break

Timmy was extremely friendly and very caring of her 4 pups. The puppies grew quickly once they were weaned and enthusiastically sinking their teeth into delicious dog food.

Once the weaning was done and dusted, Timmy was put up for adoption and found a wonderful home. Her new family is an expat family, and Timmy will be emigrating to Sweden in 2019!

Mummy Timmy
Mummy Timmy


Are you an expat? Are you thinking of getting a pet? Ensure you read our flyer first!! Or give it to an expat you know who would love a cat or dog…

TNR Trust Expats & Pets 20180201 One-Page FINAL

For more information, check out our detailed flyer at the following link

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