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After a TNR Trustee meeting this week, it became clear that TNR Trust has no funds left for  community health: trap, neuter and release work and rabies vaccinations, let alone rescues. . All TNR  foster families spots are filled up, and all these animals also need food, vaccinations and (if necessary) medication.

We have been trying to stretch our funds over the necessary expenditure, but we are at our wits’ end.

The above news arrived at our doorstep today, an hour after we received this report:

Abused and Neglected: villager was waiting for stray dog to die

A female dog had been spotted at death’s doorstep. She had been tied up to a tree FOR DAYS without food or water, with her dead puppies around her. The person who had contacted us (Mr. A.) was able to track down the owner, who had no interest in the dog or its wellbeing. And even though Mr A. only an 18-year-old boy, he decided he could not just sit by and let this inhumane practice continue.

Mr A. is luckily a very experienced dog person and has taken the dog in. He gave her a little bit of food and water and a much needed shelter. He has asked TNR Trust for our help, and we are really don’t want to turn this poor lady away.
IMG-20180522-WA0007 (1)

Will you give this neglected girl and other future rescues a second chance?

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  Anyone who wants us to continue can help by organizing a fundraiser. Whether it is at your work or at your gym, a bake sale or shaving your hair. No matter how crazy and no matter what the amount is which you are able to raise, we at TNR Trust would be ever so grateful for your contribution.

An example of how you can help: a family that wanted to support TNR Trust had booked a table at the car boot sale at ISK (International School of Kenya) and put their profits into our paybill, helping us meet our daily bills!

Or if you want to just do a direct donation, you can go to


TNR Trust does not receive any government funding and we are 100% volunteer-based. We strive to better Community Health by ensuring healthy small populations of cats and dogs through sterilization and vaccination. The only way we can keep on continuing to our programs is by your donations. Each of you have the power to help this girl and any future dogs/cats in need.

Meanwhile you can do this work yourself in your compound or area: trap a cat or dog, have it sterilized and vaccinated and put it back if in good health. Do a small harambee (fundraiser) to cover the costs. One animal at a time prevents thousands of births in future. See our website for more info or contact our office.

Get involved and help us, 1 animal at a time.

This was the picture asking for appeal – to help Robert and his family create a healthy animal population
TNR Trustee Carla handing over Blackie's vaccination certificate to Lucy
TNR Trustee Carla handing over Blackie’s vaccination certificate to Lucy




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