We have some beautiful rescues who need loving homes.

Please email if you are interested in adopting any one of our fantastic furry friends!

Contact: TNR Trust Nairobi via:
Carla 0733 739 708 (sms) or Hanne 0703 358 975 

TNR Trust requires an approved adoption contract, a donation of 8000 ksh to help cover vaccinations/food and a requisite follow-up home visit.

New owners must commit to spaying/neutering


20180504 Havana 3 optimzed.jpg

Can you resist these puppy eyes?

  • 2 month old lovebug
  • Alert guard dog
  • Loves doing the rounds with security guards
  • Loves cuddling and playing
  • Enjoys a good game of tug-of-war


20180208 Farah 14

Little Miss Perfect up for adoption

  • Loves people
  • Friendly with dogs and cats
  • Good fit for apartment living
  • Has received some obedience training
  • 3 years old
  • Spayed


20180510 Paco 7.JPG

A special adopter wanted

  • 11 months old
  • Was very scared upon arrival but is learning to trust people
  • Enjoys walking and playing
  • Great fit for a home with older people or a family without small children
  • Needs a calm, patient and understanding owner
  • Is OK with other dogs and would gain confidence more quickly if he finds a home that has a dog already.



3-legged Wonder Woman up for adoption!

Malaika had been quite fearful of people, but since her arrival at TNR Trust, she started to enjoy the company of humans and dogs and learned a lot.

  • playful and very agile
  • very sweet and loving
  • eager to please
  • friendly to other dogs
  • an experienced dog owner would be ideal


20180504 Max 2.jpg

Handsome local boy will win you over with his steel-blue eyes

  • About 6 months old
  • Can go to soft, kind-hearted dog lovers or an experienced dog family
  • Is a bit nervous when meeting new people, so needs a bit of time warming up to them
  • Can go to homes with well-mannered and/or benevolent dog
  • Is okay with cats
  • Superb snuggler
  • Total love bug


20180510 Dudu 4.JPG

Teensy-Weensy Dudu can fit in your apartment!

  • 3.5 months old
  • Very lively dog
  • She will always remain a small dog, never bigger than 8kg
  • Well-socialized and happy
  • Friendly to dogs and humans
  • Easy fit for an apartment


20180510 Berry 6.JPG

Consider an adult dog when adopting: They won’t chew your shoes and furniture like puppies! They are more independent and – if not already – are house-trained much quicker.

  • 3 years old BUT still learning new “tricks”
  • Spayed
  • Lively and energetic dog
  • Eager to be right with you
  • Beautiful jet-black fur
  • Loves going for walks and running around
  • Friendly with other dogs
  • Can go to any home with space to run around and with children of 8 years and above



Consider an adult dog when adopting: They won’t chew your shoes and furniture like puppies! They are more independent and – if not already – are house-trained much quicker.

  • 6 years old but doesn’t show her age
  • A bit shy but very loving dog
  • Friendly with other dogs
  • Gentle nature
  • Fit to be an apartment dog
  • Spayed


Poster Tiggy and pups 2 img.jpg

Meet the 9 puppers and their mum Tiggy. The puppies are 5-weeks old and staying with a foster family. They are healthy, socialized and will be ready for adoption in the next 3 weeks



Adopt a Young Genius!

  • 4 months old male
  • OK with other dogs
  • Very bright: already knows some commands and is house- and crate-trained
  • Affectionate and alert
  • Talkative but learning to be quiet



Komo together with her pup Luna was found along the road and was rescued by one of our volunteer. 

  • 1.5 yrs old
  • small and agile
  • loves the freedom of being outside



  • 4 months old
  • big paws so might get bigger than mum Komo
  • OK with dogs, cats and children
  • Equally happy being inside and outside


Professional lovebug
Professional lovebug

Are you looking for a born hunter and professional cuddler? Twinkle might be your solution!

Twinkle was caught at City Park Estate where there is currently a HUGE cat problem. She is about 4 months old and currently staying with a foster family. Nervous in the beginning, but 48 hours later she became a gem. Now she has blossomed into a very affectionate kitten.

Twinkle needs to be closer to a human, someone kind and loving who can provide a nurturing home. She loves being cuddled and just wants to be held.

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