Pet Appreciation Week starts tommorow!

From 4 to 10 June 2018, we will be celebrating Pet Appreciation Week. But why should you do that and how can you participate in the “celebrations”?

How and why should you appreciate your pets? 

Let us offer some ways in which we appreciate our pets:

  1. Appreciation means Love!
  2. Appreciation means Understanding
  3. Appreciation means paying attention to your pets
  4. Appreciation means you should do something special for your pets. What could that be? Offering a delicious treat. Taking them for an extra long walk. Tossing a ball. Rubbing your kitty’s belly. Giving your reptiles an additional helping of grubs. You know what your pet loves — give them more of it!
Why should you appreciate your pets?
  1. They love you unconditionally
  2. They are cute
  3. They relax you
  4. They rock
  5. They’re smart

What can you do this week — and every day of the year — to appreciate your pet and thank them for just being them? The holiday was created in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association. 

We can tell you that a lot of TNR dogs and cats are out there right now, getting the appreciation they need!


Positively Woof: Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week

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