Why you should consider adopting an older dog

It appears many people prefer adopting a puppy over an older dog on the belief that they will bond better with the puppy. Sure an older dog that has been in rescue will probably have a bit of baggage (who doesn’t), but in most cases, their past will not inhibit their ability to develop an emotional bond with a human.

Berry is another KSPCA – TNR TRUST collaboration: she came from an abusive home where she was completely neglected and ended up at KSPCA. TNR Trust has now taken her in to give her the attention she needs.

Lady (on the left) and Berry (on the right) have already received some basic obedience training
Lady (on the left) and Berry (on the right) have already received some basic obedience training

Even though Berry had been abused, she is still of a very sweet nature. She can get very excited seeing a visitor in her kennel and is currently learning that she does not need to jump to get the visitor’s attention. And she sure loves all the attention she gets: getting scratched behind the ear, searching for cuddles and treats and is eager to please.

Berry had beautiful jet-black fur (hence the name (Black)Berry) and is about 3 years old. Berry is spayed already, which saves you lots of trouble and money. As she is lively and energetic, she needs space to run around and someone who will take her on her much-loved walks. She is friendly with other dogs and can go to any home with children of 8 years and above

20180510 Berry 1

You might think: “3 years already, isn’t she a bit old?” Let’s get one thing straight first: old dogs CAN learn new tricks! After being neglected, Berry is learning some basic obedience behaviour from our volunteers. She still gets a bit too excited when she gets a visitor, but together with the volunteers, she is making good strides towards calming herself down.

Aside from that, there are numerous reasons why you should consider adopting an older dog:

  • They won’t chew your shoes and furniture like puppies
  • They are more independent
  • They are house-trained much faster (if they are not already house-trained)

For starters, be as predictable as possible. Older dogs that have come with “baggage” (neglected, abused, abandoned, …) might have had their trust in humans broken and it is up to you to rebuild this trust. Berry is currently learning this as well through TNR Trust and its volunteers.

20180510 Berry 6

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