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The second Sunday in June is “World Pet Memorial Day,” a special holiday that allows pet parents to remember and treasure memories of a pet who has passed on. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is arguably one of the harder things in life, and it’s perfectly natural to grieve in any way you see fit. 

Saying goodbye to Paco

Even at TNR Trust, not all stories have a happy ending… With pain in our hearts, we recently had to say goodbye to Paco. TNR Trust decided to take Paco in from KSPCA when we saw he was a very sensitive little dog. He was fearful, shied away from any human interaction and wouldn’t let us near him. 

We had Paco in our kennels for about 3 months, and in that time he became a happy little dog, doing his rounds in the compound of his foster family. But disaster struck and Paco was bitten by a snake. One of the TNR Trustees immediately rushed him to the vet to try and fight the venom. Paco fought bravely and was even up the day after, but his little body couldn’t fight off the venom and he died shortly afterwards.

The vets and TNR Trust did whatever we could for Paco to try and make him better. We have multiple volunteers that have an expansive knowledge in vet care and vet assistance which they readily share. We work with vets that have lots of experience and knowledge and we fully trust their opinions and methods. But in Paco’s case, all these efforts were not enough to save him…

We (and especially his foster family) are devastated losing him, especially since he had come so far. But we should also be glad that we were able to make sure that Paco knew kindness and love, however short his time was with us.

Commemorating a Pet

If you decide you’d like to commemorate and celebrate the good times you’d had, here are some ways to honor your late pet:

20180610 World Pet Memorial Day 2

  • Keepsake Box

Put down on paper how you’re feeling, what you went through, and what your pet meant to you. You can include pictures and decorations like a scrapbook and keep in a special place with old leashes, collars, and toys you find special.

  • Create a Memorial

Lots of pet parents plant a tree, flowering bushes, or other perennial favorites to honor their late dog or cat, either in their garden or in an approved location.

  • Make A Donation or Volunteer

You can donate goods, funds, or even your time in an effort to honor your cherished pet. TNR TRUST always needs blankets, food, and collars; a simple online donation assures we will pick out exactly what we need. And if you’re strapped for cash, volunteering your time is an excellent way to help!

  • Hang Photos or Custom Artwork

Frame and hang your favorite photo of your pet, or commission a custom portrait. Leo Mativo‘s painting are definitely worth a look! He has already done a TNR painting of Lucky the dog (Click HERE for pictures)

Taking the time to grieve and process your loss, no matter how long it takes, is an integral step in finding acceptance. Psychologists recommend being kind to yourself, allowing yourself to grieve, finding supporters or allies who understand your loss, and finally, memorializing your late pet.

20180610 World Pet Memorial Day


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