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Things to consider before you adopt/buy a pet

TNR Trust: Expat and Pets Awareness Week

Welcome to Kenya

Moving to Kenya truly encompasses the African experience many expats dream of: great weather, large gardens and house help. The ideal place to have a pet!?

BUT… a pet can live up to 10 – 15 years! You will have to ask yourself: are you able to provide a pet with a home for life? Unfortunately there is an increasing trend amongst expats who simply abandon their cats and dogs once they leave Kenya. Sometimes this is due to genuine unforeseen circumstances, but often it is because of a lack of planning, the pets being an inconvenience or the considerable exportation costs involved.

THINK before you adopt/buy a pet

1.Transporting a pet abroad: costs

Transporting your pet is expensive and the bigger the animal, the higher the costs! The costs of transporting your pet can amount to hundreds of dollars per pet! If you can’t afford it: simply don’t get a pet, adopt an older animal that you can care for until the end of its life or help foster from shelters.

This is Tiggy at her foster home. Fostering a dog is a great way to still have a dog if you are an expat.
This is Tiggy at her foster home. If you cannot afford to transport a pet to your next location, consider fostering!


2. Living space in your next home

A Boerboel may look stunning in your Nairobi garden but won’t be a good fit, and may not be allowed, in your Singapore or Dubai apartment! Not sure about your future abode? Adopt a small pet which can fit anywhere.

20180110-WA0014 adjusted

3. Time to care for your pet

Will you have staff and ample garden space in your next residence? If you’ll be working full time with no staff to help you, will you have time for a pet? Also consider the climate: nightly walks in -15C winter weather are much less appealing than a stroll around your garden in Nairobi’s mild climate.

20171222 Dora 2 S

Consider the following: Pet size, type, age, hair length, etc. in relation to the time and space you’ll have available in your next posting.

IMG-20180409-WA0012 adj

Link to the TNR Flyer on Expat and Pets: click HERE


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