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The Expat Exodus Begins…

If you are taking your pet(s)

If you are among the many expatriates leaving Nairobi for home or another posting this summer, please do not wait to make arrangements for your pets; either booking Vet care for travel requirements, paperwork and getting travel kennels of the right size for your pets. Your Vet or kennel should be able to recommend a reputable shipper and help you get approved travel crates.

If you are leaving your pet(s) behind

If you are an expatriate leaving behind a pet, please give yourself plenty of time to find a good home. The first thing you should do is get a nice photo of your pet and write a brief description. The following items are necessary:

Photo, Sex, age, breed if known, reproductive status (intact or spayed, neutered) weight or size. Cute habits, who he has lived with (children and their ages, horses, cats, chickens) any other animals.  – See sample at the end of the article.

Once you have a flyer prepared, email to your contacts in Nairobi. Post on the Kenya Buzz Web Classified Web site (it’s free) See if you can get a flyer posted in your Embassy newsletter or NGO bulletin board, the kid’s school or estate bulletin board. See if your Vet can post the flyer in his surgery.

Be sure to carefully interview anyone wanting your pet. Many people only want a dog to become a puppy factory. That is a cruel life for the former family pet. Be wary of giving the pets to your staff, even if your staff know how to care for your pet and treat it well, it’s unfair to expect they will spend over half of their salary on quality pet food, flea /tick preventative, vet care and yearly vaccinations!

Wangari upon arrival in TNR care: Very skittish and shy

Under NO circumstances should you leave the country for good and leave pets behind with staff in empty compounds. Houses can be vacant for months at a time. Landlords sometimes don’t pay the staff, in which case money you left behind for pet food will go to the hungry families of the staff. We have been notified several times of abandoned dogs left starving in compounds for months. It was very nearly too late in one case and we often wonder how many dogs TNR Trust doesn’t get told about that die of neglect after having been part of a family then suddenly left behind.




2 year old, Neutered, Ridgeback Mix, 40 kilos, loves to chase sticks and cats! Lived with  7 & 9 year old children and was a gentle companion. Ben loves to ride in the car, he loves to swim in the family pool and play soccer with the kids, too. Ben is happy being with the family so he comes in the house with us but prefers to sleep outside at night. Ben’s vaccinations are up to date as well. Ben should go to a cat-free home as he is far too enthusiastic about the cat chasing!

Below is the poster done by an family who suddenly had to leave Kenya. (NOTE: Skaya indeed found a great Retirement Home!)20180209 Sarah - Adoption Poster Skaya (FOR DISTRIBUTION).jpg

Link to the TNR Flyer on Expat and Pets: click HERE

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