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Sasha: back from the brink of death


Remember the story on the dog that had been tied up with a very short leash to a tree? She had been left for days without food or water (click HERE for the full story).

IMG-20180522-WA0007 (1)

The above is how Sasha was found. Her owner had no interest in her well-being and was basically waiting for her to die. Her puppies had already died and were lying around her.

Thanks to Mr A. (an 18-year-old but experienced dog person), TNR Trust was called in to come help. We rushed her to the vet for a complete check-up and medical care. She was very weak, full of ticks and fleas, refused to eat and was put on a drip. She was literally knocking on death’s door… For a few days she did not touch her food and was throwing up. We braced ourselves for the worst.

But… after a few more days, most ticks and fleas were gone and the medication started to work. She started gaining weight and even offered her paw to one of the trustees who went to check up on her.

20180611 Sasha


After a few weeks, Sasha went to a lovely foster family TNR Trust was able to find for her. We ensured she had access to a good shelter and environment so that she could get an immune system boost from being in the sun, sniffing around in the garden and doing some gently walks with a family that already had experience owning dogs.

Sasha has been slowly but surely going through a lot of physical but also mental healing. She settled in fine at her foster home and gets very excited when she sees the family getting up in the morning. And what a world of difference this has made already:

Once she is all healed, she will be up for adoption!


TNR Trust does not receive any government funding and we are 100% volunteer-based. We strive to better Community Health by ensuring healthy small populations of cats and dogs through sterilization and vaccination. The only way we can keep on continuing to our programs is by your donations.

We thank everyone who donated when we posted Sasha’s story!! An hour before we got wind of her plight, the TNR Trustees had had a meeting in which it had become clear that TNR Trust had no funds left for trap/neuter/release work, rabies vaccinations, or even rescues. All TNR  foster families spots were filled up, and all these animals also need food, vaccinations and (if necessary) medication. Thanks to the donations that came in after the appeal and the offer of the foster family to take her in, we were able to sort out Sasha.

Each of you have the power to help any future dogs/cats in need! 

Meanwhile you can do this work yourself in your compound or area: trap a cat or dog, have it sterilized and vaccinated and put it back if in good health. Do a small harambee (fundraiser) to cover the costs. One animal at a time prevents thousands of births in future. See our website for more info or contact our office (

Get involved and help us, 1 animal at a time!

20180612 Sasha

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