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Community Outreach: learning and colouring at Ewaso Primary School

Clients from Amy Rapp (the TNR “Captain”) manage a foundation that runs Ewaso Primary School in Loisaba (situation in Isiolo North Constituency, Ol Donyiro)

TNR Trust gave them colouring books and crayons to distribute at the school. Loisaba is far away from vet (about a 2-hour drive by car on bad roads) so many have no access to a vet and therefore don’t vaccinate any animals, including cats and dogs. 

By means of this book we are trying to strengthen 1 of our pillars, namely “Community Education”. Children are the future of the world and, by giving them a playful way to learn about dogs and the care of dogs, we hope to educate and entertain these future leaders.


The teachers were instructed by the foundation managers, who are experienced dog owners and are familiar with how to take care of them. The head teacher and deputy did a Question/Answer session about what the colouring book was about, and the children thoroughly enjoyed reading and colouring the booklets.

Thank you for giving us enough for all the students! They don’t get much time to enjoy class like this. Even the older kids had Fun! 

– Foundation Manager

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