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Another wonderful “FAILED FOSTERS”

Chebet came to us through KSPCA. She was known to the KSPCA Staff as “Kadogo” (little one). She was in a large kennel with lots of other dogs and was pushed to the back by the other bigger dogs. But she called to us with a very cute “Rrrrruuuuw” (howl/bark) she produced.

Chebet was extremely excited sitting in a car. She spent most of it looking out of the windows
Chebet was extremely excited sitting in a car. She spent most of it looking out of the windows

She quickly bonded with our volunteers and loved the attention. She was very active and loved exploring, including sniffing all the dogs and cats bums (much to the cats’ displeasure). She immediately jumped into our car and spent most of the drive to her new foster home looking out of the windows and trying to connect with Farah, who was in a crate next to her.

20180208 Chebet 10 adj

Chebet settled in well into her foster family. Volunteering as a TNR foster family is a great alternative for many expat families who love dogs (or cats) but whose circumstances are not entirely stable enough to adopt one.

For example:

  • Families who don’t if they will have enough living space at their next post
  • Families who cannot afford transporting their pets abroad
  • Families who are only here for a short period of time

But sometimes, the most wonderful thing happens, and that is when we have “Failed Fosters”. A dog (or cat) would go to their foster family and win over the hearts of the members of the family. This was the case for Chebet. At the foster family, she learned how not to be so bossy as they had a big Ridgeback who would put her in her place.

But they got along splendidly, and eventually we got a message from the foster parents saying that Chebet (now renamed DOBBIE) was to become a permanent member of their household. And as we all know: more often than we think, the dog choses its owner, not the other way around 🙂

20180312-Chebet foster

TNR Trust is always looking for foster families so we can help rehome more dogs (and cats) that cannot be released again at the place where they came from. If you chose to become a foster family, the TNR Trust community of volunteers will give you as much support as possible.

If you would like to know more about volunteering as a foster family, please click HERE.

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