Guard Dog in Rural Kenya
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GUARD DOGS Myth: “A dog locked away in a dark small box will be a fierce guard dog at night” – WRONG!

Let’s be realistic and not expect our dogs to shield us from armed thieves. The primary use of a guard dog is to bark when strangers are around and alert you so you can take action.

Guard Dog in Rural Kenya
Guard Dog in Rural Kenya


“A dog resting all day in a box or cage will be alert”


First of all, it is ILLEGAL to keep a dog permanently chained or confined in a box.

A dog has to relate to his pack! In the case of a domestic dog, this pack is represented by the family and/or other dogs it lives with. If a dog is shut away all day, can’t see daylight or is chained up and ignored, it can’t relate to other living beings.

And be honest: would you defend your keeper who confines you in a box without a toilet for 12 hours every single day?


Myths like the above result in untold suffering of the dog and angry owners as the dog is seen as unwilling to ‘perform his job’. Often the results are:

1. Frustrated and unpredictable behaviour

  • A dog that is unable to mark territory will be scared and insecure.
  • A dog which has ‘rested’ all day will be hyperactive and unpredictable.

2. Depression and unhappiness because the dog:

  • Is lying in his own dirt.
  • Doesn’t know his pack (family) and is therefore unable to bond.
  • Lacks interaction and affection. He is lonely and bored.

3. Curtailed instincts and a lack of (or bad) training can result in a dangerous dog and can lead to:

  • Death or injury of a person or other animal
  • Death of the dog (euthanasia)
  • Getting a new dog and restarting the same cycle


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