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Trap, Neuter and Release: What we do




All dogs and cats that go through our hands get trapped, receive vet care, vaccinations, get spayed/neutered and (if possible) they are released again in the same area.

If Release is not possible, TNR Trust looks for a new home for the dog/cat. But in Nyeupe’s case, this was not necessary.

Nyeupe was hanging around a guard house in Thome Estate, Nairobi. One of our volunteers noticed that she was walking around with a pretty nasty wound as she was apparently hit by a car.

After getting a check-up, a thorough clean and confining her to a kennel for a while to give her some rest, she started recovering nicely.  But we were not out of the woods yet: the vet also discovered she had a melanoma (skin cancer) on her stomach. It kept bleeding so the vet had to remove it. She was in a kennel at the vet for 7 weeks and her operation to remove the melanoma was expensive, so we ended up with quite a high vet bill. 

TNR Trust aims for Community Health through Animal Welfare, and we work towards this goal 1 dog (or cat) at a time. THIS IS ONLY POSSIBLE BY DONATIONS FROM THE PUBLIC as we do not receive government funding. So if you support our cause and you wish for more dogs like Nyeupe to be able to lead a healthy life, please check out how you can support or help TNR Trust by clicking HERE.

If it is just a question or you know of a dog/cat in distress, you can always email us on or contact us through the Facebook page and we will ensure that we get back to you as soon as possible.

Note that when a caller notifies us about an animal in distress and that caller can help in some way it, it make it so much easier for us to be able to assist the caller. When people tell TNR Trust the area where the animals are, we then need to see how and if we can help as we rely 100 % on volunteers

And last but not least, what happened to Nyeupe?

We were finally able to release her back home at her gate in Thome Estate. Her son wasn’t sure how to react now that mum had come home!





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