Guard Dog in Rural Kenya
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How can a dog become an effective Guard Dog?

Let’s be realistic and not expect our dogs to shield us from armed thieves. The primary use of a guard dog is to bark when strangers are around and alert you so you can take action.

What NOT to do

Guard Dog in Rural Kenya
Guard Dog in Rural Kenya

First of all, it is ILLEGAL to keep a dog permanently chained or confined in a box.

A dog’s natural behaviour is to have periods of activity and rest throughout the day and night, just like humans do. A dog will sleep a certain amount of time and will then want to run and play, investigate the perimeters of his territory and mark his boundaries. If there are strangers, he sounds a warning by barking. He will also react to intruders who cross his marked boundaries, even if he is resting!

Just like people, dogs are mammals that feel a range of emotions, such as happiness, sadness, pain, fear and anger. They suffer when mistreated, sick or imprisoned.

What to do

To have an effective guard dog, his natural instincts must be respected and nurtured. Here’s how:

  1. Make Friends
    Get to know your guard dog, play with him and feed him, so that he will form a bond with you and recognize he is a member of your pack.
  2. Allow him to roam the Compound
    He will be able to mark his territory and get some exercise that will avoid boredom, depression and unpredictable behavior.
  3. Give him Company
    If you can afford it, keep more than one dog. He will have company when you are not around, which is important for a dog, as they are pack animals.
  4. Satisfy his Essential Needs
    Make sure he has all the basics he needs to be happy and healthy: sufficient food,fresh water and a proper sized shelter that keeps out the rain and the cold and allows for a toilet area away from his bed; just like humans, dogs hate soiling their sleeping area so keep his shelter clean at all times.


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