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TNR Volunteer: KARANJA

We are so lucky to have dedicated volunteers who help socializing and healing our fosters. We asked several of them what motivates them.

Karanja, a university graduate, is up first:

Why do you volunteer with foster dogs?

Karanja: “I have always loved dogs. As I was inbetween jobs I didn’t want to be idle and giving my time to the fosters seemed a worthwhile pastime.” 

What do you “take home” from volunteering?

Karanja: “Patience. I used to give up easily if something didn’t work immediately. Malaika  (the white dog) who was very scared after a bad accident and amputation took 3 months before we could put a collar on. Sitting beside her and slowly gaining her trust taught this patience. It makes a difference in my interaction with people now too.”

What difference does your volunteering make to the dogs?

Karanja: “Wow! Where do I start, I can answer this question by using Malaika, one of my favorites.  When I came in the first day there was a sign on Malaika’s kennel which said: “she bites, don’t touch, no eye contact”. After learning how to get her socialised, it became clear that she has a beautiful personality. I mean, she has come from far: from not touching her to touching her nose only, to legs to petting her all over. I feel proud to have played a part in this major achievement. 

My volunteering I believe, makes a big difference to the dogs, because I’ve seen most of them make huge strides to being happy and adoptable. The training and well programmed instructions we follow has also been one of the other contributing factors to the success.

And what difference does your volunteering make to you?

As I learn and understand much about their behaviours, I get to understand myself even better and this makes me a better volunteer to the doggies every day.

How do you become a TNR Trust Volunteer?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, there are multiple areas at TNR Trust where we depend on the help of volunteers, which you can find HERE. Become a volunteer and make a difference! 

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