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Foster Home Wedding Bells!

Amber-eyed Malaika didn’t fall for blue-eyed boy Max at once. They grew affectionate through the fence and once together realised they are soul mates.

Passionate embraces, wild play, and similar attitudes to very small (not friendly) and larger (very friendly) pups. Malaika after many months has discovered walking on leash is super fun: Max gives her the courage to do this. They are a special needs couple who want a permanent honeymoon suite in your house. We would love them to go together in a  home without other dogs and experienced dog lovers who understand. They are fine with children 14 yrs and above.

Carla 0733 739708 for more information.

1 thought on “Foster Home Wedding Bells!”

  1. Such sweeties! Here’s hoping they get their forever home soon. I would take them if I didn’t already have two. And, having two pups myself, I can vouch that two that get along well are easier than having one. They keep each other engaged and in check!

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