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TNR Trust Mobile Clinic nearly ready!

The TNR Trust’s mobile clinic will be on the road in January, to fulfill our mission of improving community health by sterilizing and vaccinating dogs and cats in and around Nairobi.

Once fully up and running, the clinic will vaccinate up to 250 animals  and sterilize up to 20 dogs and cats a day – but we can’t do it on our own.

If you’re a registered vet or veterinary student and would like to help the TNR Trust, or if your company is looking to provide funding for a very worthwhile cause, then we’d love to hear from you!

Please click on the link to see how you can help.


We need registered vets and veterinary students to sterilize and vaccinate animals brought to us against rabies. They will work alongside our volunteers to educate the communities we meet on the benefits of maintaining a healthy dog and cat population. If you want to be part of this please contact us via email


Sterilization and vaccination is important – but expensive. We are offering a competitive branding package for potential sponsors as well as advertising space on our mobile clinic. If you think your company would like to be part of this please contact us via email

2 thoughts on “TNR Trust Mobile Clinic nearly ready!”

    1. Hi Eileen, please look at the “Get Involved” link where you can find info and the form to fill. Thanks for your interest in volunteering!


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