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Shared compound? Before getting a pet ask your landlord and neighbours first

Jack and Ema became the proud owners of Mohawk and Mischief.
They live in a shared compound and both work.
These two  questions are always part of our first chat with potential adopters :
1.Have you asked your neighbours how they feel about having pets- especially dogs in the compound ?
2. Does your landlord allow pets and if so, is it likely that will stay that way in future?
Though we fully appreciate your excitement about having a pet soon, this excitement could turn into grief if one doesn’t do the home work thoroughly.
So it is best to consider these points before you get a pet :
  1. Many people dislike or are afraid of dogs. Find out from your neighbours how they feel about you getting a pet. Ask them what you can do to avoid any upsets.
  2. Ensure your dog doesn’t mess their area and if he does clean it up.
  3. Build a proper size kennel and run so your dog can be enclosed when needed. This ensures his safety and that of neighbours.
  4. Train your dog daily and go for classes if you don’t know how to. The more training you do the better behaved dog you will have. Most people don’t appreciate dirty paws on office clothes.
  5. Listen to your neighbours complaints and resolve them amicably. A pet’s behaviour is the owners responsibility. Neighbours can do distressing things to animals when they feel they aren’t heard!
  6. Leaving dogs alone for long periods can result in barking due to boredom and distress. Hours of barking dogs are NOT  acceptable in any situation. Be prepared to adjust your lifestyle, and if you aren’t then a cat could be a solution.
  7. Ask your landlord to put it in writing pets are allowed. Check if they object to large size dogs.
  8. Ask yourself the question: if I was forced to move would I make sure I can take my pet to the next place?  If not, it is perhaps  better not to take a pet unless you have a backup plan.
Ema and Jack did the home work before adopting. Thank you and
happy life Mohawk and Mischief!

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