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The Beauty and the Beast – pure breed or local “Mctuffy”?

Many people believe in and love particular pure breed dogs: German Shepherd, Labrador, Spitz or Weimaraner or latest “trends” like Labradoodles. Reasons are varied: excellent guard dog, great with kids,gentle nature,  tiny size. Whatever the reason to buy such dogs -for sure the owners swear by their  beauty!
Maybe through the belief in a particular  breed one tends to dismiss our fabulous Mctuffies.  How about a dog that has all the traits in one animal?  Excellent guard, fiercely loyal, gentle with kids, better equipped against disease and expert yodellers!
These three musketeers of the Galot family – in true musketeer spirit -adopted a less fortunate member of dog society : Lailai  (née Solai).
When they asked their aunty Deepa (an active EACK member and sponsor of TNR Trust) why they only had purebred dogs instead of a rescued local dog, she couldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer. She took action and called our Trust to see if we had a female pup. Two days later the delighted boys met Lailai and took her home.
Imagine if every owner of a pure bred dog adopted ONE Lailai, KSPCA and the Trust’s  foster homes would be empty.

1 thought on “The Beauty and the Beast – pure breed or local “Mctuffy”?”

  1. Lailai is happy now with two new friends called sandie and cookie she has also learned how to protect herself because a cat was hissing at her but sandie and cookie chased the cat away making lailai more trusting – the boy who is holding lailai

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