Caring for Dogs or Cats, Education

Five reasons why

Five reasons why Kenya needs a good dog and cat control programme:

  • How good would it be if Kenya was a rabies free zone? You can help by getting your pet vaccinated against the disease.
  • It’s sad to see stray, unwanted dogs and cats in poor health. By sterilising your pet – you’re making sure you don’t add to the number of unloved animals roaming Kenya’s streets.
  • Stray animals don’t mix with Kenya’s unique wildlife or vital livestock. Sterilising your pet will reduce the number of dogs and cats becoming a nuisance.
  • By adopting stray animals that can be rehomed, you’re preventing them being put to sleep unnecessarily.
  • A low cost or free animal vaccination and sterilisation programme helps protect everyone in the community and goes a step closer towards ensuring that people and pets in Kenya are safe and healthy.

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