I have been adopted! Luna


Luna with new family
Luna (on right) with her new family!

Luna was found trying to cross a road in April this year; she was hobbling along painfully, with a huge gaping wound to the bone on her leg. Her rescuer followed her and found her mother who appeared to be blind. Both were starving and cold, sleeping out in the open, in the heavy rains and freezing cold of Tigoni, in a shallow hole dug out in the ground. It transpired later, from a local squatter, that they had been attacked by a gang who had a feud with him and they had set alight his chickens and Luna’s three siblings. Thankfully, mum and Luna (who was around 4 months old then) managed to escape, but not after having been attacked viciously by the panga-wielding men.

Luna 20180809

The rescuers eventually gained their trust and brought them home for fostering. Even though both dogs had endured such cruelty and hardship, they were both gentle and very sweet-natured. Luna continued to recover slowly: from tick fever that she almost died from had she not been given a transfusion by a quick-thinking vet, tapeworm infestation, infection of the bone, an abscess in her foot, and a slow-healing fracture. None of that however, stopped Luna from being such a free-spirited, feisty, happy and delightful puppy that loves zooming around and giving back loads of cuddles and love to her foster family. She has now been adopted by a loving and active family where she is happily settling down with her new four-legged friends.

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