Caring for Dogs or Cats, Feel Good, Fostering

Foster Carer Wilmina Retires

Many foster dogs and cats – small and large – have recovered their health through Wilmina’s dedicated cooking and care.
For three years she has cooked tons of food for probably several hundred dogs and some cats in our foster care. She fed, medicated and nurtured tiny sick pups and traumatised adult animals. Pebbles, Malaika, Piper, Lady, Fanta, Stripe, Snoopy are just some of them.
Now she retires from this and housekeeping.
She would love to start a food kiosk as she likes cooking and used to do it for years before dogs became her “customers”.
If anyone has some small tables and chairs or benches they don’t use and would like to donate for her kiosk she would be so happy. A jiko or a gas oven in working condition would have her bake too!
Kindly contact our office if you wish to support this. Meanwhile A BIG THANK YOU TO WILMINA. We will miss you.

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