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Pinky and Violet – Flat living

Pinky Adopetd
Pinky and Violet

Violet lives in a flat. She considered this before adopting Pinky :

1. Does the landlord allow pets in the flat?
2. How do my neighbours feel about dogs?
3. Is it safe for my dog to freely walk in a shared compound?

At times, we get interested adopters who upon checking with the landlord about acceptance of pets that he has changed his mind. We encourage everyone to consider all scenarios and engage all parties who can thwart your dream of having a pet before getting one. It will avoid a lot of heartache!

Violet is delighted with Pinky.

As soon as Pinky is sterilised she will go to her new home.

2 thoughts on “Pinky and Violet – Flat living”

  1. Sadly, this article did not help me. I’m sure there are way more than 3 questions to ask if I live in a flat, e.g. Do I mind getting fur all over my stuff. Then missing words and lack of flow. Come on guys, you can do better than this.


    1. Dear Waeni,
      Thank you for your comments. You are absolutely right there are far more questions than these three. In fact, when we talk with people about adopting one of our rescues we often talk through many scenarios for at least 20 minutes to ensure a person has fully considered all the pros and cons in their particular situation. However, if the post is very long, people are unlikely to read it all. Also, we like to combine the good news of an adoption with a touch of education, that will help people to consider carefully before adopting. These few questions hopefully help to not only think of answering them carefully but also get triggered into asking all the other important questions such as you suggested. it would be great if you posted some of those yourself- it would help first time owners a lot!


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