An amazing Scandinavian meal!

A huge thank you and congratulations to everyone who was involved in our fabulous and unique Nordic Dinner on the 8th February, which raised almost 200,000 Ksh – funding the sterilisation of around 40 animals.

An awesome achievement!

Guests enjoyed traditional Scandinavian food – especially imported from Sweden and cooked brilliantly by Katerina Torsell and Ninna Birkenhoff, who brought their husbands and children along to help Elite Tents serve drinks and food throughout the evening.

After sampling Norwegian Aquavit with dinner, the party go-ers were encouraged to join in with a lively and traditional schnapps sing-a-long, led by Erik Torsell and aided by beautifully printed song sheets for those who were a little unsure of the words to some of the Swedish songs.

Thank you to Carol’s sister for donating the Prosecco and Simon Johnson for his wonderful bottles of Aalborg Christmas Aquavit bottles, which raised an incredible 25,000Khs at auction.

Alpha Fine Foods and Valley Vegetables generously donated the meat and vegetables for the evening and the sumptuous wine selection was provided by Baraka Wines who perfectly matched the wine for each dish at very short notice.

Thanks once again to all our volunteers and sponsors – who’s generosity helped make the evening such a success.

We are planning another event in May – details to follow – so keep your diaries free!


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