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It takes a village…


The dog rescued in May last year.

Sasha Found.jpg
Sasha when she was first found in May 2018
Sasha 6 Aug 2018 at 12-005.JPG
Sasha in August 2018
Sasha now with her new family

At barely 14 kg and near death’s door, she was spotted by Azim and his mother in Kajiado tied on a tree. They heard she had eaten a chicken and the chicken owner had tied her up without food or water for many days so ‘she could die’. She had puppies during that time as they lay dead near her. She possibly ate some to stay alive. The worst case of abuse we have come across! She spend weeks in hospital and had numerous vet visits as she battled with her health. But here is the good news:  Sasha in her adoption home with her best mate Mada, who loves dressing Sasha up! Since December, Mada and her mother collected Sasha every weekend so she could get used to their home slowly and without trauma. Last month she went for good and has settled super well. And what is so amazing about dogs is that they never hold grudges. Sasha loves all people- maybe we as people can take something away from this?

At times, animal lovers are frustrated that TNR isn’t able to rescue all animals in distress. Here is why: picking up a dog is often the easiest part of a rescue/rehome case. It  takes a village of VOLUNTEERS  to get to a successful end: these are the people involved in Sasha’s rehabilitation: Amy dealing with the distress call and finding someone to collect the animal, Carla and Julie picking her up, Dr. Cockar, Dr Silvester and nursing team for saving her, Ameera and Whitney and husbands fostering many months, several volunteers socialising her, Eric walking her daily, David, Hanne and Jo for advertising and meeting with interested adopters, and adopters who are willing to take the time to get the dog used to a new home. Not to mention all the people who donated towards her bills. Unless many more people are willing to spend time and money, we can only rescue what we can handle!

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