Mobile Clinic, What We Do

Mobile Clinic will soon launch!

Over last weekend everyone at TNR has been working so hard  as we officially launch the TNR Trust’s mobile clinic on the 16th March and 17th March at the Garissa Road Primary School in Kiambu County.

Our mobile clinic is the first of its kind in Kenya – with an on-board surgery dedicated to sterilising and vaccinating dogs and cats and with your support, we can improve the health and welfare of your community and its animals.

Joseph M. Kamau, Kiambu County Executive of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries & Irrigation will be with our team of qualified vets and veterinary students, to explain and educate people about the prevention of rabies and dog bites, the health benefits of a controlled dog and cat population and practising good animal welfare.

Our education program targets adults and children from age six upwards.

Vaccination CatGithogoro

It’ll be a hugely busy couple of days because the TNR vets hope to vaccinate at least 600 animals from our on-board surgery, and in order to do that we need your donations.

It costs just 300 Khs to vaccinate each animal – so we are hoping 600 people will donate that amount to reach our target.

The more we raise – the more animals we can vaccinate to help prevent the spread of rabies.



  • In Kenya, 2000 people die of rabies every year
  • 40% of those killed are children under the age of 15
  • Rabies is easily prevented by vaccinating dogs and cats
  • One un-spayed female dog could produce up to 30,000 offspring in 5 years (if no deaths)
  • One un-spayed female cat could produce up to 29,000 offspring in 5 years (if no deaths)

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