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Mobile Clinic Campaign, Kabete – 5 & 6 October 2019

The location for the Kabete campaign at Ndurarua Primary School was one of the best we have had access to. A long tree lined lane from the street, offered plenty of shade and space to allow the dogs and cats to be safely separated from each other. Plus a nice spot for the children’s education areas and a smaller compound where we parked the Mobile Clinic.

At 8:50 am on Saturday after our volunteer pre-campaign meeting, there were just 2 brown dogs waiting (many campaigns have long lines well before 8:00 AM) It was misty and foggy like being up-country and we were worried that we could be in for a slow day. 

Instead, it turned out to be our second biggest campaign ! It was really steady both days without big lines or masses of people waiting. Our numbers when tallied shocked us, they were big!

All in all we did 646 rabies vaccinations, 65 Spay/Neuters and 137 children passed through our Education Program.

We were grateful to Vets International for their collaboration on this campaign.  Their CEO was present, observing our work, as well as a few of their vets who were here to work on other projects in Marsabit and Laikipia.

Huge thanks to Sub County Vet Officer, Nelly Ngugi, who was such a help.  Nelly was with us in the Mobile clinic and met and chatted with the people in her area that brought their animals in.

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