It’s hip to be tipped

Did you know that Unowned/Feral Cats live in colonies and being territorial keep strange cats from encroaching? These cats gravitate towards places where they can easily obtain food; hotels, restaurants and housing estates. They are not accustomed to contact with humans and participate in excessive fighting, be it territorial, food-related or over a female cat. It’s possible though to keep a stable and sustainable colony.

Neutering and vaccinating them ensures a controlled population, reduces the spread of disease and the number of cat deaths. This can be achieved in a humane way through the Trap Neuter Return program. Poisoning and other forms of cruelty will never be a sustainable method of dealing with cat overpopulation. Getting rid of a colony will only make way for another to move in. Lest we forget, these animals help with reducing the rodent and snake population.

According to the Laws of Kenya Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act Cap 360.

  1. Acts and omissions which amount to cruelty and penalties therefor
    (1) A person shall be guilty of an offence of cruelty if he—

(g) wilfully, without reasonable cause or excuse, administers any
poisonous or injurious drug or substance to an animal or causes any
such substance to be taken by an animal

Neutering works; it relieves cats of the constant stress of mating and pregnancy. The cats’ physical health improves as they are vaccinated against rabies and cat flu.  Mating behaviour like roaming, yowling, spraying and fighting cease and the community benefits as the population stabilizes and they become better neighbours.

Is your locality overrun with cats? The Trap Neuter Release Program is your best bet.  Have a conversation with your neighbours and estate management on what you intend to do with the cats. It is an expensive activity doing it all alone.

There’s 3 phases to it:

Trap: Only use humane traps for this exercise never darts or tranquilizers.  

Neuter: Surgery is done and their ears are tipped; removing a small portion of the tip of a cats ear to identify them as already spayed/neutered and are now safe cats, ” no rabies, no babies”.

Release: The cats are then released back into the communities they call home.

NB: TNR Trust has humane and efficient traps available for rent and we also offer spay and neuter services. Get in touch with us to collaborate in setting up a feral cat program for your area.

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