Together we can kick rabies out of Kenya

TNR TRUST aims to help eradicate rabies in Kenya. We do this through free vaccination and sterilisation campaigns for dogs and cats in low-income urban and rural areas. Thousands have already benefited since our first campaign in 2019. We want to do another 10,000 vaccinations in 2022. This is only possible through your donations. Please […]

Spay Sister Campaign by the TNR Trust

TNR TRUST joined a special group of women vets based in the UK called the Spay Sisters to do a 9 days campaign in Ruai, Kibera and Kayole. Spay Sisters dedicated their time to come, volunteer with us and support our mission – controlling rabies and reducing pet overpopulation. For the first time ever, the […]

Rabies: the facts, symptoms and treatment

FACTS Rabies has the highest case fatality rate of any infectious disease. Rabies is 100% preventable. Rabies is a disease of ALL MAMMALS (including humans) Rabies is mainly transmitted from one animal to another through the bite of a rabid animal PREVENTION Practice responsible animal ownership: annual vaccination of your animals against rabies (Ksh 100 […]

Join our feral cat programme!

As part of our feral cat programme, Farmer’s Choice took up the gauntlet and in exchange for a donation. Their 10 cats(plus one kitten – vaccinated and dewormed) were vaccinated against rabies, dewormed, spayed and neutered. If you are interested in starting your own feral cat programme, & can make a donation, TNR can assist […]

How to Prevent Dog Bites

Most of the time, dogs are our loveable, tail wagging friends – but sometimes even the most placid of dogs can snap. Part of being a responsible pet owner is to pay attention to your dog’s body language. By recognising the early stress signals which generally precede a bite, you’ll be able to protect your […]

How To Maximise The Chance Of An Adoption Success

Getting a new dog is an exciting time for all the family, especially if you’ve decided to offer a home to a rescue dog. But adopted dogs are the pets most likely to be returned to the rescue centre, so it’s important to be prepared….


So you really want to adopt a pet? Congratulations! You’ll be in for an exciting and fun time which can change your life for better (or for worse!). We bet that you can’t wait to have another family member and we salute you for considering opening your home to another creature; however, are you truly […]

Holly’s Donation Campaign

CHALLENGE, OVER 10K DONATION – LET’S HELP HOLLY REACH HER GOAL! After an epic 11km walk in Karura forest yesterday, eight year old Holly has just 4km left to do to reach her target of walking, jogging and running 100km in May. Suffering from sports-induced asthma has not made it easy, but Holly’s determination to […]

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