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Our mobile clinic is fully fitted to support vaccination and sterilization campaigns. With a full time vet and in collaboration with qualified vets, veterinary students, volunteers and county officials we aim to conduct 10 campaigns in low income areas yearly. We remain for two days in a location serving the public that cannot afford veterinary services. Through social media and local announcements people are encouraged to bring their pets for
free or low-cost vaccinations and sterilizations. We also do wound care, deworming and educate pet owners on how to look after their animals better.The children education program for six to twelve-year olds, is super fun and interactive. After each session the children receive a colouring booklet on animal care and crayons. Flyers on rabies in Kiswahili and on the benefits of sterilization of pets are given to all attendants

Our most recent campaign.

September 30th and October 1st saw TNR Trust, KESCAVA, KSPCA, KVA, UON-CAVS, FAO, ZDU, and Kiambu County come together to facilitate a vaccination and sterilization campaign at Uthiru Gichagi Chiefs camp in Ndumbuini.

Needless to say, with great collaboration, comes great results! The team worked tirelessly and completed a total of 249 sterilizations: 171 cats and 78 dogs. A remarkable number were vaccinated totaling 803 animals: 351 cats and 452 dogs.

Many pet owners in Kenya struggle to afford veterinary services, and our mission is to provide more free campaigns to assist them and work towards eradicating rabies from Kenya.

Your support means the world to us; to help us achieve this goal, please consider donating via M-PESA PayBill: 921408 Account: “Donate” or Mchanga, https://www.mchanga.africa/fundraiser/3103

Together, we can make Kenya rabies free! 🐾❤


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