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– Our rescue work with the stray cats of Garden City Mall & Apartments- By Michelle and Tasha Francis Once upon a time, during the height of the Covid pandemic, my daughter and myself, both passionate animal lovers were concerned about the welfare of stray cats in the community. We noticed that many of the […]


Is your neighborhood overwhelmed with feral cats? TNR has humane and efficient traps available for rent For a donation to TNR Trust, you can rent a cat trap on a weekly basis. Rates are Ksh 700 per week – weekly payment is made in advance along with a refundable deposit payable on collection of the […]


These wheelchairs are really great for dogs with weak or paralyzed back legs. They give balance, stability and the ability to go on walks without having to drag legs about. They are very lightweight with ‘fourwheel drive wheels’ that easily go over uneven terrain. NOTE: you need to come with your dog to see if […]


Preparing for domestic travel? Are you taking your pet with you? It’s critical that your pet travels in the right size crate for him or her. The carrier you choose should allow your pet to stand up, turn around and lay down comfortably, and should be free of any interior protrusions that could cause injury. […]

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As part of our feral cat programme, Farmer’s Choice took up the gauntlet and in exchange for a donation. Their 10 cats(plus one kitten – vaccinated and dewormed) were vaccinated against rabies, dewormed, spayed and neutered. If you are interested in starting your own feral cat programme, & can make a donation, TNR can assist […]

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