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Foster Carer Wilmina Retires

Many foster dogs and cats - small and large - have recovered their health through Wilmina's dedicated cooking and care. For three years she has cooked tons of food for probably several hundred dogs and some cats in our foster care. She fed, medicated and nurtured tiny sick pups and traumatised adult animals. Pebbles, Malaika,… Continue reading Foster Carer Wilmina Retires

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Another wonderful “FAILED FOSTERS”

Chebet came to us through KSPCA. She was known to the KSPCA Staff as "Kadogo" (little one). She was in a large kennel with lots of other dogs and was pushed to the back by the other bigger dogs. But she called to us with a very cute "Rrrrruuuuw" (howl/bark) she produced. She quickly bonded… Continue reading Another wonderful “FAILED FOSTERS”

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CALMING SIGNALS – The Art of Survival

Finn recently arrived at TNR Trust. He came in frightened, unsocialised and weary of everything and everyone. Finn joined one of the TNR Foster Families, where they already had a few dogs of their own. Introducing dogs to dogs happens very differently to dogs to humans. Below is a video of calming signals displayed when we introduced Finn to… Continue reading CALMING SIGNALS – The Art of Survival