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Volunteering with TNR Trust: A sneak preview

Below is a beautiful example of what satisfaction volunteering with TNR Trust can give you. Bubbles was a TNR dog living in a foster home. While we were trying to find a good home for her, our volunteers spent lots of time with him: playing, cuddles, some basic obedience training and... BELLY RUBS! TNR Trust… Continue reading Volunteering with TNR Trust: A sneak preview

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ADOPTED! ADOPTED! ADOPTED! ADOPTED! ADOPTED! ADOPTED! ADOPTED! Poppy was the clown in her foster family. She was very intelligent and intently followed every action there was to see and participate in in the compound. But, at the same time, she was incredibly gentle. She could be so mischievous that it could only make you smile! She has found a beautiful… Continue reading I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! Poppy

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FOSTERING: The benefits

Often people wonder: why do you put the animals in temporary foster homes? It is actually very logical: when the dog or cat gets put into a foster family, it has exposure to an actual home. This means lots more training can be done, the animal can socialize with humans and other animals, house training… Continue reading FOSTERING: The benefits

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KSPCA and TNR TRUST Collaboration

Sometimes people ask us if we are in competition with KSPCA (Kenyan Society for the Protection and Care of Animals). They have dogs for adoption, we have dogs for adoption. They are based in Nairobi, we are based in Nairobi. They do animal welfare, we do animal welfare. BUT: there is NO competition between KSPCA… Continue reading KSPCA and TNR TRUST Collaboration