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An Unusual Foster Mother

CREDITS FOR THIS STORY: K 24 TV (2013), Kirigo, Dagoretti (Kenya) 7-year-old Mbugua and his 6-year-old sister Wanjiku have been living with their grandmother after their biological alcoholic mother abandoned them. Their grandmother is however often away from home and has to tend to a total of 5 children left in her care. Oscar the dog,… Continue reading An Unusual Foster Mother

Caring for Dogs or Cats, Rabies, What We Do

Stray Animals: Safety and Respect

Nairobi is full of stray animals, just like many other cities and towns in the world. People avoid and ignore most of these strays as they are so desensitized and used to having these animals roaming around, looking for scraps to eat or a place to sleep. Strays are considered to be dangerous and this… Continue reading Stray Animals: Safety and Respect