What a week it’s been at the TNR!

We’ve been chasing our tails since the official and successful launch of our brand-new mobile clinic last weekend when children of all ages brought their puppies, kittens, adult cats and dogs to Garissa Primary School in Thika, to be vaccinated against rabies, dewormed and to be treated against fleas.

They were also offered the opportunity to have their adult pets sterilised.

Working at full capacity for the first time, alongside Kiambu district vets over the two days, the TNR’s, Dr Desmond Tutu and our volunteer vets vaccinated 500 and sterilised over 30 animals at Garissa Primary School in Thika.

Joseph M Kamau, the County Executive of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation, said he was extremely impressed with the initiative and would be seeking a budget allocation to support the TNR’s continuation of its mobile clinic programme.

Also present were Dr Mangini from the KVB, Dr Ndarua, County Director of Vet Services and Dr Nguguna from the Public Health office.

Alongside the mobile clinic, at the TNR’s education tent, children aged between 6 and 12 learnt about the safe management of dogs and cats, the importance of seeking treatment after a dog bite and how to behave properly around dogs to prevent accidents, bites and scratches.

They were also told about the importance of training their animals and how to look after guard dogs by giving them a proper home and not to keep them in a cage. There was lots of discussion around why it’s not safe practice to approach a guard dog or any unfamiliar dog for that matter!

The feedback we have received from our visit has been overwhelmingly positive and we would like to extend our thanks to all involved. We are looking forward to getting the clinic back on the road again – so watch this space!

Teensy-Weensy Dudu can fit in your apartment!

Dudu is yet another KSPCA – TNR TRUST collaboration: she was found as a scrawny, teensy-weensy pup and ended up at KSPCA. TNR Trust has now taken her in to give her the care and attention she needs.

From left to right: Lady, Dudu and Berry upon arrival at TNR Trust
From left to right: Lady, Dudu and Berry upon arrival at TNR Trust

Dudu is about 3.5 months old and really looked like a stick insect when she came in. But that does not prevent her from dishing out some puppy love!

She is a happy-go-lucky puppy who is well-socialized. She loves playing with other dogs and running off with their toys. She is a very lively little dog and as she will never be bigger than about 8kg, she can be easily kept in an apartment.

20180510 Dudu 4

20180510 Dudu 2

Being in an apartment doesn’t mean you cannot have a pet! As long as your landlord/lady agrees with you having a pet, there are plenty of ways to enrich your furry friend’s life while living in a flat: taking them on lunch dates to dog-friendly places, going for a walk, buying/making them a new toy or simply spending time with them.

Are you not allowed to have pets? Maybe you should then consider becoming a Kennel Hand Volunteer for TNR Trust! You will get to socialise with the dogs/cats currently in foster homes, go for walks with them and give them some basic obedience.  Click HERE for the form to fill in and  make a difference in their lives.

Apartment Living with a Dog

Patch is local Kenyan dog in beautiful Dalmatian disguise. After being rescued with his siblings, he eventually got adopted and was renamed as “Pacino”. But it certainly wasn’t a spontaneous decision for Barbara and Mandhi. 

Barbara came to look at puppies but we couldn’t tell her how big they would grow. Being in an apartment with a shared garden, she and her husband were clear they wanted a small- medium dog to ensure it would fit well.

They also considered how to create a kennel outside so Pacino can be left behind securely without tearing the flat apart…. as puppies do when left alone. Pacino is just in the “teething stage” so toys were acquired to reduce the risk of damaged cushions and furniture.

Our adopters deserve a star as they didn’t only look at “a cute puppy”: they seriously considered the downsides of a puppy, especially in an apartment. 

A puppy can give lots of joy, but many people who have had older (well-behaved and calm) dogs forget the challenges puppies bring. Pacino‘s adopters thought very carefully before adopting him:

  1. How much time would they have available?
  2. How much time will the puppy be alone in a day, especially when just coming into a new home and missing her friends?
  3. Will they have time to do positive training? This training needs to be done every day for at least 1 year so the pup will be an obedient dog who won’t jump on everybody.
  4. Will their shoes survive a puppy’s antics? The fact is that puppies until at least 1 year old will happily destroy shoes, furniture, cushions and kids’ favourite toys whilst teething.
  5. A puppy is like a toddler who needs the same amount of attention, love, and guidance as a human version. Do they want a “small child” in their lives?
  6. Who will happily look after puppy when they are away?
  7. Puppies need far more vaccinations then an adult. This is costly. Will they be able to afford it?


ISK Seniors Event: Exam Kick Off with TNR Dogs

TNR Trust was asked by the International School of Kenya (ISK) to bring in some dogs. The ISK Seniors were having an event before they start their exams and so it was the right place and the right time to give them access to some therapeutic dog cuddles and licks.

It did threaten to rain, but luckily the sun brightened up the event and the seniors came to meet our dogs en masse. The TNR volunteers had provided some snacks the students could give to the dogs, so needless to say both dogs and humans had a great time! Lots of selfies were taken, lots of cuddles were given and received.

We would like to thank ISK for this opportunity


Wish the Seniors all the best with their exams!

Sadie and Pacino, both adopted from TNR Trust
Sadie and Pacino, both adopted from TNR Trust
Farah loved the attention (Farah is still up for adoption)
Farah loved the attention (Farah is still up for adoption)
Pinda and Korneel in full anticipation of treats. Korneel was adopted from TNR Trust
Pinda and Korneel in full anticipation of treats. Korneel was adopted from TNR Trust
Dora made sure that all dogs were able to relax before meeting the seniors (Dora is still up for adoption)
Dora made sure that all dogs were able to relax before meeting the seniors (Dora is still up for adoption)
Cuddles and Treats go well together
Cuddles and Treats go well together
Pacino got completely smothered with love
Pacino got completely smothered with love
Much love
Much love
The bell had rung to mark the end of the school day, but quite a number of students just couldn't get enough of the dogs!
The bell had rung to mark the end of the school day, but quite a number of students just couldn’t get enough of the dogs

Bob/Hanne the Builder brings an early Christmas Present

All puppies grow up, and some of them chose the adventurous way and start climbing out of their pens. That is when our fosters and volunteers take action.

2 of our volunteers threw their resources together: Carla provided the chicken mesh wire and Hanne (who called herself Bob the Builder) brought her 2 hands and her hammer. She was ready for action!

In just a few hours, Hanne had finished building a secure puppy fence at one of the foster homes where they have a litter of puppies.

20171208-FOSTER Renovations 2 adjusted

She made an enclosure with a small opening for the mother, with the water bowl under so hopefully puppies will not swim and claim

You can see above that the foster mom is delighted with her new puppy pen!

Thank you Hanne for all your handiwork!

20171208 Foster - renovation adjusted