Cats for Adoption


We have some beautiful rescues who need loving homes.

Please email us if you are interested in adopting any one of our fantastic furry friends!

For adoptions please contact TNR Trust Nairobi via:
Carla: 0733739708 or Hanne: 0703358975

TNR Trust requires an approved adoption contract, a donation of Ksh 8,000 to help cover vaccinations/food and a requisite follow-up home visit.

New owners must commit to spaying/neutering


Cat - BahatiBahati is a 4 year old male cat. Though rescued from a shopping mall, he was clearly owned at some stage as he is super friendly,confident and approachable.

He is quite small with soft, medium long fur. He sheds a bit. He is neutered and vaccinated. His ears were cropped as they had been exposed to the sun. His behaviour towards dogs and other animals isn’t known yet. He will be a great family friend.

Being a white cat, exposure to the sun needs some management.



Toti is a small,  super affectionate and confident cat. A year old, spayed and very adaptable she would be happy in any home whether in a flat or a house with garden. She wants to be in a home where she can stay her whole life. Instead of poisoning a rat, adopt a cat!