Do it yourself

Do it Yourself

Are you in a neighborhood that is overwhelmed by feral cats? Below is a guide on how to DIY: 


1. Have a conversation with your neighbors on what you intend to do with the cats. It is an expensive activity doing it all alone

2. Only use a humane trap (never use darts or tranquilizers). Contact TNR office on 0743618892 to find out the availability of Traps as they are always in demand.

3. Make a spay and neuter appointments with the Vet clinic of your choice. We also offer spay and neuter services only on Wednesdays and this would guide you on when to do the trapping. Kindly Note we charge for this service, contact the office for further information.


1. Set up and prepare for trapping away from the colony. It is advisable to withhold food 24hrs before trapping as this will ensure that cats are hungry to go into the traps. This only works if you are mostly the one feeding them.

2. Keep an eye on the traps at all time for the safety of the cats and to make sure the trap isnot stolen or tampered.

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