These wheelchairs are really great for dogs with weak or paralyzed back legs. They give balance, stability and the ability to go on walks without having to drag legs about.

They are very lightweight with ‘fourwheel drive wheels’ that easily go over uneven terrain.

  1. Byron’s Chair  – for middle size dog – approx 22kg
  2. Kiki’s Chair     – for GSD size dog

NOTE: you need to come with your dog to see if the chair fits. If the fit is wrong, it can have adverse effect.

You can hire them for Ksh 3000 per month- quarterly payment in advance. When not needed anymore you would give them back. So the next doggo can have a quality life for a while.

Contact: TNR TRUST or call 0743 618892 office hours for more info. All donations go to TNR Trust.

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