Dogs for Adoption


We have some beautiful rescues who need loving homes.

Please email us if you are interested in adopting any one of our fantastic furry friends!

For adoptions please contact TNR Trust Nairobi via:
Carla: 0733739708 or Hanne: 0703358975

TNR Trust requires an approved adoption contract, a donation of Ksh 8,000 to help cover vaccinations/food and a requisite follow-up home visit.

New owners must commit to spaying/neutering

Max & Malaika

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Amber-eyed Malaika didn’t fall for blue-eyed boy Max at once. They grew affectionate through the fence and once together realised they are soul mates. Passionate embraces, wild play, and similar attitudes to very small (not friendly) and larger (very friendly) pups. Malaika after many months has discovered walking on leash is super fun: Max gives her the courage to do this. They are a special needs couple who want a permanent honeymoon suite in your house. We would love them to go together in a  home without other dogs and experienced dog lovers who understand. They are fine with children 14 yrs and above. 

See below for more detailed information about each…


DOB January 2015 (estimate), spayed female, fine with young male and female dogs, excellent with older puppies, not so keen on old dogs, generally ignores cats. Fine with children 12 years and above

Malaika was rescued with a severe leg injury which she had walked with for many months. It was amputated and she has gone through a long rehabilitation and socialisation process for one year. She has gone from a terrified dog to a fun loving animal who adores to play with Max and other young dogs. Her leg doesn’t stop her from jumping, boxing and running with the pack. It took her a long time to trust people to be kind and to be comfortable with a collar and leash. She walks daily on the street and is never fazed by any traffic or people. She loves the walks but will not go without another dog (yet). She still lives mainly in the kennel but has started to come into the house.

We think she is finally ready for her own home where she can over time be a house dog. She is happier outside at present. She has to be with a confident YOUNG dog, whom she can follow and play with. The adopters must be calm and understanding so she can slowly get used to a new environment. If she can go with Max it would be ideal, but only if no other dogs present.


DOB : December 2017. Max is neutered, fine with young male and female dogs, excellent with older puppies, cannot be with small puppies or small dogs as he has prey drive, generally ignores cats. Fine with children 13 years and above, learning to like going in a car.

Stunning Blue-eyed Max has made a tremendous transformation recently. From an insecure teenager he has turned into cuddle bug par excellence and greets most with great enthusiasm. He is quite confident, though new men in the compound are a source of some anxiety. He tends to move away and needs a slow introduction. Generally he loves all women J He is very playful and is excellent on the leash. He is somewhat reactive to other dogs when on a leash, which is being worked on daily. He is used to being in a house as well as outdoors. He is best placed in a compound that doesn’t have much human traffic. He needs to be with another young dog, so he can play at all times. He will be a great (and very good looking!) companion for a person willing to spend time with him. Bonus: Curled tail so your drinks stay save on the table!)

Call Carla on 0733 739708 for more information.

At only 13 kg Izzy is the most agile and light footed dog we have come across. She was the runt of a litter we had last year and she may have missed out on some motherly love. She is in for any activity at all times and would be well with another young male dog she can shed her energy with in a garden. She is slightly biased towards women! Through reassurance and lots of cuddles she has learned to be much more confident. She is a great companion for a runner too. She is best in a home with patient and understanding adopters, and can be  with older teenage children. She would be a star at agility training!


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This sweet, graceful girl has the most expressive ears!
Very gentle and excellent with children. Good on the leash and learning simple commands.
Born in 2016, spayed female. Would suit a family with at least one other dog, to help develop her confidence even further. Extremely affectionate, just requires that special forever home, where they can give her the love she craves and deserves.


Handsome Munchkin in his harness!

I am backpacking in the forest!  I am so excited being a teenager : boys born in May should explore and I want to do this with a mate for life. You could be the lucky one I choose: I am a mild mannered gentleman and love cuddles and pats on the back. I am clever on the leash and get along with all sorts but I definitely avoid Alpha types! Make me your partner for life and I promise you unconditional love.