You’re Invited!
 Bring your canine best friend(s) for a Photo Session with SANTA PAWS! 
 This Saturday 3rd December from 10am to 4pm
 At One Off Gallery Garden #16 Rosslyn Lone Tree 
 Get a wonderful photo (taken by Ace animal photographer Liz Walker) of you + your family + your dog(s) +   Santa in a lovely frame – the perfect Festive Holiday Card! 
 It’s Super Easy to book your session and pay by Mpesa ahead of time

There’s more!
Our first ever gift basket auction will be running on the 3rd, at our Santa Paws event and via WhatsApp from 10am – 4 pm! We will share an hourly update on our WhatsApp group where individuals can bid privately.
  We have amazing baskets from stellar vendors;
 Kuzi, Plants Galore, Endo Squared, Floey the Florist, Provisions, Spring Valley Coffee, Queen Deli Kenya and Seed Balls Kenya

We are in desperate need of donations.

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