We educate our people on the personal benefits of controlled, healthy dog and cat populations. We encourage them to bring their animals for sterilization and rabies vaccinations. We talk to adults and children why being kind and caring to animals will ensure a safer and healthier environment for us all. And that such behaviour gives loving animal friends!
Being compassionate and kind to fellow creatures costs nothing. Yet the opposite costs our community a lot: frightened pets, starving dogs and cats, rabies in our midst and thousands of animals living in terrible conditions- being at times a nuisance to people in the area.
Our fabulous interactive education program for children age six to twelve gives them an understanding on how to take care of their pets, avoid dog bites through behavior changes and what to do if bitten by a dog to prevent rabies. Children receive a special colouring booklet (designed by top Kenyan artists for our cause) on pet care and crayons to take home.
Our intention is to create a program for adults, trainers of trainers and children in schools on animal care and welfare, dog bite and rabies prevention, guard dogs  and responsible pet ownership.

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How To Maximise The Chance Of An Adoption Success

Getting a new dog is an exciting time for all the family, especially if you’ve decided to offer a home to a rescue dog. But adopted dogs are the pets most likely to be returned to the rescue centre, so it’s important to be prepared….

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News Items

How to Prevent Dog Bites

Most of the time, dogs are our loveable, tail wagging friends – but sometimes even the most placid of dogs can snap. Part of being

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