Dominos’ story by Alison Onyango

Domino began coming to our house during the COVID lockdown in 2020. After feeding her a couple of times she became more friendly and eventually we decided to adopt her as we were looking for new pets since our dogs died a few years ago. We took her to the vet and were surprised to learn that she was about 9, which is a lot older than we thought! We also believe that she had unfortunately she has probably been abandoned by a previous family. 

After adopting Domino we adopted two other strays, Charlie and Hazel, who have been a lovely addition to our home in addition to our parrot Crackers. 

A few months ago I moved out with Domino into a new home, and she loves it here! She didn’t like the other cats so much so she enjoys being the queen of her castle here. 

We practice responsible pet ownership by making sure that she is spayed, de-wormed, has flea and tick treatment, and ensuring that all her vaccinations are up to date. 

She’s been the best companion for me especially since I work from home most of the week and it’s always nice to have her around to keep me company. It’s also been lovely to see her open up and grow from being shy and standoffish to a confident and cuddly girl. We love having her around our home and I would encourage people to open their hearts and homes to stray animals and also animals who are older.

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