Meet our Mobile Clinic Vet!

Dr. Desmond Tutu, B.V.M. – Veterinarian

Dr. Desmond Tutu received his undergraduate degree in veterinary medicine from The University of Nairobi, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences. He is an experienced veterinary surgeon with passion for animals and animal welfare. He has experience as a clinician from one of the best private clinics in East Africa where he served as an associate veterinary surgeon between 2011 and 2014. Most recently, 2014-2018, he managed a working dog kennel with a private security company. Dr Tutu was responsible for the health and welfare of over 500 dogs, performing surgeries both soft tissue, orthopaedics and internal medicine.

He is an animal welfare and animal rights champion and loves working with all species of animals; companion, livestock and exotic veterinary practice. He has specific interest in dogs and cats especially the stray population. He enjoys the neuter programs and has been involved with the KVA (Kenya Veterinary Association) and the KESCAVA (Kenya Small and Companion Animal Veterinary Association) neuter and vaccination programs as part of CSR that the two associations perform every year.

dr. desmond tutu
Dr. Desmond Tutu, TNR Trust’s Mobile Clinic Vet

He has been part of KSPCA as a student and as a graduate helping out with education on stray dog population control programs. He is very excited to be part of TNR Trust as the pioneer mobile clinic veterinarian. Dr Tutu brings many years of experience with small animal surgery with over 500 dogs and cats spayed and castrated in his career. The objectives of the project are in line with his career goals and offer him an opportunity to realise the dream of a Rabies free Kenya.

In addition to veterinary medicine, he has interest in advocacy, sensitisation, and animal welfare and loves music, reading and travelling.


Exciting things are happening here at TNR Trust!

We had our preliminary KVB (Kenya Vet Board) inspection of our Mobile Clinic. They were most encouraging and very impressed with our clinic.  We have also received a grant to cover the vets salary for a year, so it’s really, really the home stretch!

Mobile clinic (MOCKUP)

We still have some items to cover, some are required by the vet board and some are things left to fund. 

TNR Mobile Clinic - 26.jpgWhat we still need

  • Permit fees 60,000 ksh (required) 
  • Branding of Mobile Clinic with our logo
  • Laptop, printer and power bar
  • 3 tents,  (1 with mesh sides)  
  • Padded canvas covers for protecting our solar panels 
  • LP Gas autoclave, gas canisters, and ring
  • Ramp to be build for the entrance for carrying sedated animals
  • Rubber mats for ramp and exam tables
  • Tables and chairs for paperwork for admitting animals, paperwork 
  • Megaphone
  • Basins / stands for pre washing surgical drapes and hand washing
  • Ongoing printing of vaccination cards
  • First Aid kit for humans, required triangles and fire extinguisher 

Monetary donations or donations in kinds are also very welcome!

How to Donate

Email us on for Donations in Kind

Click HERE for Donations of funds via Mpesa, Stripe, PayPal, etc. – any amount is welcome!

Official Launch of the Mobile Clinic is here!

Over last weekend everyone at TNR has been working so hard  as we officially launch the TNR Trust’s mobile clinic on the 16th March and 17th March at the Garissa Road Primary School in Kiambu County.

Our mobile clinic is the first of its kind in Kenya – with an on-board surgery dedicated to sterilising and vaccinating dogs and cats and with your support, we can improve the health and welfare of your community and its animals.

Joseph M. Kamau, Kiambu County Executive of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries & Irrigation will be with our team of qualified vets and veterinary students, to explain and educate people about the prevention of rabies and dog bites, the health benefits of a controlled dog and cat population and practising good animal welfare.

Our education program targets adults and children from age six upwards.

Vaccination CatGithogoro

It’ll be a hugely busy couple of days because the TNR vets hope to vaccinate at least 600 animals from our on-board surgery, and in order to do that we need your donations.

It costs just 300 Khs to vaccinate each animal – so we are hoping 600 people will donate that amount to reach our target.

The more we raise – the more animals we can vaccinate to help prevent the spread of rabies.



  • In Kenya, 2000 people die of rabies every year
  • 40% of those killed are children under the age of 15
  • Rabies is easily prevented by vaccinating dogs and cats
  • One un-spayed female dog could produce up to 3000 offspring in 5 years (if no deaths)
  • One un-spayed female cat could produce up to 29000 offspring in 5 years (if no deaths)

It takes a village…


The dog rescued in May last year.

Sasha Found.jpg
Sasha when she was first found in May 2018
Sasha 6 Aug 2018 at 12-005.JPG
Sasha in August 2018
Sasha now with her new family

At barely 14 kg and near death’s door, she was spotted by Azim and his mother in Kajiado tied on a tree. They heard she had eaten a chicken and the chicken owner had tied her up without food or water for many days so ‘she could die’. She had puppies during that time as they lay dead near her. She possibly ate some to stay alive. The worst case of abuse we have come across! She spend weeks in hospital and had numerous vet visits as she battled with her health. But here is the good news:  Sasha in her adoption home with her best mate Mada, who loves dressing Sasha up! Since December, Mada and her mother collected Sasha every weekend so she could get used to their home slowly and without trauma. Last month she went for good and has settled super well. And what is so amazing about dogs is that they never hold grudges. Sasha loves all people- maybe we as people can take something away from this?

At times, animal lovers are frustrated that TNR isn’t able to rescue all animals in distress. Here is why: picking up a dog is often the easiest part of a rescue/rehome case. It  takes a village of VOLUNTEERS  to get to a successful end: these are the people involved in Sasha’s rehabilitation: Amy dealing with the distress call and finding someone to collect the animal, Carla and Julie picking her up, Dr. Cockar, Dr Silvester and nursing team for saving her, Ameera and Whitney and husbands fostering many months, several volunteers socialising her, Eric walking her daily, David, Hanne and Jo for advertising and meeting with interested adopters, and adopters who are willing to take the time to get the dog used to a new home. Not to mention all the people who donated towards her bills. Unless many more people are willing to spend time and money, we can only rescue what we can handle!

An amazing Scandinavian meal!

A huge thank you and congratulations to everyone who was involved in our fabulous and unique Nordic Dinner on the 8th February, which raised almost 200,000 Ksh – funding the sterilisation of around 40 animals.

An awesome achievement!

Guests enjoyed traditional Scandinavian food – especially imported from Sweden and cooked brilliantly by Katerina Torsell and Ninna Birkenhoff, who brought their husbands and children along to help Elite Tents serve drinks and food throughout the evening.

After sampling Norwegian Aquavit with dinner, the party go-ers were encouraged to join in with a lively and traditional schnapps sing-a-long, led by Erik Torsell and aided by beautifully printed song sheets for those who were a little unsure of the words to some of the Swedish songs.

Thank you to Carol’s sister for donating the Prosecco and Simon Johnson for his wonderful bottles of Aalborg Christmas Aquavit bottles, which raised an incredible 25,000Khs at auction.

Alpha Fine Foods and Valley Vegetables generously donated the meat and vegetables for the evening and the sumptuous wine selection was provided by Baraka Wines who perfectly matched the wine for each dish at very short notice.

Thanks once again to all our volunteers and sponsors – who’s generosity helped make the evening such a success.

We are planning another event in May – details to follow – so keep your diaries free!


alpha logo-transparent-200x150.png

Pinky and Violet – Flat living

Pinky Adopetd
Pinky and Violet

Violet lives in a flat. She considered this before adopting Pinky :

1. Does the landlord allow pets in the flat?
2. How do my neighbours feel about dogs?
3. Is it safe for my dog to freely walk in a shared compound?

At times, we get interested adopters who upon checking with the landlord about acceptance of pets that he has changed his mind. We encourage everyone to consider all scenarios and engage all parties who can thwart your dream of having a pet before getting one. It will avoid a lot of heartache!

Violet is delighted with Pinky.

As soon as Pinky is sterilised she will go to her new home.

I have been adopted! Joey


Joey is our first adoption in 2019! Last pup of a litter of nine from our rescued momma Tiggy he went to a five star home recently. He is a great match for this home as he has to fit in with different people and dogs. He likes everybody,  just like his mother.

We have five long-stay fosters remaining.  They are all ready for their own home. Watch our updated album. All they need is people with some patience and understanding. …. They are waiting for you to call !