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20170512 King.jpg

At the end of April 2017, King came to our care. He was about 18 months old and had been hanging around a school in Nairobi for a few days.

King was full of ticks, fleas, very thin but super friendly. We took him to see a vet to get him looked at and in the meantime TNR Trust Nairobi was able to organize a temporary foster home.

Fortunately a Kenyan lady wanted a meet and greet with Mister King, who charmed her by his friendliness and high affection levels.

Happiness is something that wags its tail and can say Woof. Congratulations to King’s new family for bringing home happiness!



Furry Foster Families

3 foster pups getting some good training

TNR Trust Nairobi is built on the generous help of its volunteers and well-wishers. We welcome all kinds of support, from those who graciously share their time and homes with fosters, and also from those who are willing and able to help us cover the financial costs of the work TNR is doing.

Warm, caring foster families are critical to TNR Trust Nairobi’s operations. We are always on the lookout for volunteers to provide a temporary accommodation for our furry friends as they wait for their forever homes. While fostering isn’t easy, it can be extremely rewarding and exciting, as you are making a direct impact on the life of a foster animal. Fosters can volunteer for a set period of time, or agree to care for an animal (or animals) until they are adopted.

If you want to learn more about fostering, please get in touch, and we can connect you with another volunteer who can talk to you from personal experience.

Why does TNR Trust Nairobi use foster families?

  • A puppy/kitten that is too young to be adopted needs a safe place to stay until he or she is old enough to go to a forever home.
  • A dog/cat is recovering from surgery, illness or injury and needs a safe place to recuperate.
  • A dog/cat has not lived in a home before or has not had much contact with people and needs to be socialized

And why should you consider fostering?

  • You will be able to help TNR Trust Nairobi learn more about the dog/cat so he/she can end up in the best home possible.
  • You will give your foster dog/cat the time he/she needs to be ready for adoption.
  • You will be able to assist in socializing the dog to a home environment and possibly getting him used to being around other pets and different types of people.
  • Your foster pet will learn from you that they are loved
  • You will give your foster pet a chance to shine
  • And goodbye is a Happy Ending by making someone else’s family complete

Still not convinced?

It is also a great trial to see if you and your family are ready for a dog.

In Nairobi, a high number of people are expatriates. They often don’t know when or where their next move will take them. Fostering is therefore a great option for them as they can have the companionship while not committing to the dog or cat long term.

If you are considering become a foster family, please contact us for more information by filling in the Contact Form HERE

20170320 Jackson pup training

3 foster pups getting some good training

20161203 Orange Kitten (Muthaiga North)

Little Ginger with her Foster Mummy

20170215 Mikey

Foster Mikey playing with the resident cat

20170516 Max blankie


Katie puppy

Just arrived!


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16 Reasons Why Fostering A Shelter Pet Is Basically The Best Thing In The World (Arin Greenwood_

Because sometimes we need a giggle with our tears

To draw about cats and dogs, you have to have owned one (or still do) to truly understand them.

Christopher Grady (or more common known in the online comic world as Lunarbaboon) knows exactly how these four-legged creatures fit into his family life or his surroundings.

Here are 2 gems of examples, copied from

Adopt dont shop

Mama Cat.jpg

Shosho and Simba’s Story

A good Samaritan called Kevin contacted us at the end of March 2017. Every day he goes for his morning walk around his neighbourhood in Mwimuto (Nairobi, Kenya) and since this is a more rural part of Nairobi, he meets a lot of free-roaming dogs on his way. He told us he is even known there as “the dog person”.

Kevin took us to the compound of an elderly Kikuyu lady, who we addressed with respect as Shosho (grandmother). She had a young male dog that had been hit by a motorbike 3 months ago. His leg had healed badly over time, which resulted in the poor pup walking on 3 legs only. She told us (through Kevin’s translation) that her dog was “broken” and eyed us a bit suspiciously when we arrived at her door with “the dog person” Kevin.

After explaining to her that we could get him checked by a vet and assuring her that we will bring him back to her, TNR Trust took the animal to the vet for vaccination and treatment. 

Sadly the dog will have to live with his injury, but Shosho was very pleased to receive a certificate of vaccination and information on prevention of Rabies. The vet also prescribed bone movement pills. He can now put a bit of weight on his bad leg, which shows that the pills are working. Kevin checks daily how all the animals are doing and ensures medicines are given on time.

Most dogs do not get names in the rural area as they are often regarded as animals only, not a part of the family. This has nothing to do with being disrespectful towards the animals, it is just the way things work in Kenya. But now Shosho seems to have taken a liking to the pup and she has given him his own name, which is “Simba”.

This story is a good example of TNR Trust Nairobi’s motto, which is “Community health through Animal Welfare”.  We wish Shosho and Simba all the best.

IMG-20170420-Kamau and Shosho


No more muddy-paws car!

TNR Trust Nairobi recently introduced their new merchandise . These car seat covers keep your car from getting dirty, just in time for the rain-and-mud season! They can be used as a hammock between front and rear seats or as shown in the boot of your SUV.

Tank and Jasiri are shown on the picture below, comfortably driving along with their owner Neeltje, who is very happy not to have such a dirty car anymore!

Covers are Ksh 2,500 to support the running of our mobile clinic and they are available in Black, Green, Burgundy, Tan and Purple (as shown).

For more information, go to: Car Seat Covers – Merchandise

Neeltje - car seat cover.jpg


April began with a bang. A good samaritan in Mwimuto (Nairobi, Kenya) contacted us as he discovered a shockingly thin bitch who was too weak to stand up. He discovered she had 6 puppies and although they were in a compound, the inhabitants neither claimed ownership nor fed her.

Katie and pupsAfter feeding the female for a few days, Kevin called TNR Trust for help. We baptized her “Katie” on the spot and convinced Moses, the compound owner, and his family to feed her and the puppies from donated dog food whilst TNR looked for a solution.

TNR took all animals to the vet for vaccination and treatment.  Katie’s appetite improved day by day and the puppies took less from her as they get solid food several times a day.

20170516 Max blankie.jpgMoses and his family received full information on rabies prevention and his children were happily feeding the dogs. Kevin checked daily how all the animals are doing and ensures medicines are given on time.

We then moved the little furry family to a foster home, where they increased to gain in strength and cuteness. Katie started looking like a normal dog and enjoyed playing with her puppies.

Max was one of the puppies and the first one to find his new family!

We wish him many cuddles and all the best in his new life. Let’s hope his siblings will have equal luck in finding a lovely home.

Look at him trying to sneak a kiss on his delighted new owner

20170516 Max little20170516 Max


Happy Birthday, TNR!

On December 2nd 2016, TNR Trust had been a Kenyan registered trust for 1 year!


In the first year we have vaccinated nearly 80 animaRabies vaccinls against rabies, spayed/neutered and either rehomed or returned those animals to their habitat while educating people on better animal care.

We have done 5 days of education taking our TNR Booth on the road to big events. We have run children’s quizzes, games and coloring all with a gentle Be Kind to Animals theme, as well as Dog Bite Prevention and Rabies Awareness.

TNR Trust has, thanks to generous animal lovers, run a successful Get Chained Nairobi Campaign that resulted in gifting KSPCA with 111,750 KSH . We have created many educational brochures, that are already producing great results.

I have to thank my small but dedicated band of volunteers. Many thanks to my volunteers, it couldn’t be done without them! In the first quarter of the year, our volunteers numbered FOUR, including me! We are still a small group, but we have diverse skills, so it’s working well. However we could use always use more volunteers.



Amy L. Rapp, TNR Trust Nairobi Founder