The Power of Happy Endings

Adopting a rescue from TNR gives happiness! To the pet, to you and to all the people who rescued and rehabilitated the animals. Our rescues are keen to meet you! But before you call us, we encourage you to consider a few important issues. Sometimes, we think of pet or animal companions as simple creatures which we can just adopt or buy and everything will be smooth-sailing. While it is true that some animal and human matches are simply made in heaven, thorough preparation is essential to achieve a happy union for life. You see, the reason why some pet adoptions don’t go well is because of unrealistic expectations and lack of research about the animal to be adopted. So please consider and discuss with your family members the points below, before you adopt one of our pets.

Our adoption process

1. Call us

Phone the adoption coordinator between 9-5 weekdays & Saturdays.

3. Meet & Greet

If there is a suitable animal – meet & greet is arranged.

5. Fee

Adoption fee to be paid to TNR Trust. For cats this is ksh. 3500, for dogs ksh. 9500.

2. Interview

Phone interview to understand your circumstances and needs.

4. Contract

If there's a match. Adoption contract to be signed. Find the contracts below.

6. Spay & Neuter

If you adopt from TNR, all adopted animals must be spayed or neutered.

Download the adoption contracts here:

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